Unity3D middleware

SimpleSQL helps you integrate database storage into your game or project. Create level map links, store player stats, keep inventory specs, and much more!


  • Attach SQLite databases to managers in your scene
  • No need to move files around for mobile devices!
  • Simple and efficient access to data using customizable classes or write your own SQL statements
  • Optionally use .NET's System.Data library
  • Works with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Works with Unity Pro and Free versions



SQLite managers* that will help you create a database for your project:

* These programs are not affiliated with echo17, so all questions and liability should be directed to the appropriate authors

Extra Goodies

Playmaker Action Scripts and Demos

Extract, then import into a project with Playmaker and SimpleSQL

Demo Scripts

These are included with the plugin, but you can view them here if you are thinking about buying